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Got Bugs?

Got Bugs?  Get Gecko Pest control in Chico Ca.   They have been providing insect control services in the area for years.   Choose one of our Pest Programs.

Organic Hybrid, this is my favorite pet-friendly service.    Out in the yard where your pets play, and on the inside of the home we only spray natural products and baits.  Just a small area next to the home and the eves for spiders we will treat with a traditional pesticide.  The small area is all we need to keep the bugs and insects out of your home.   All our products are pet and family friendly.  This gives an excellent control of pests around your home with the comfort of knowing only organic products are used where you spend the most time.

Our Traditional program is meant for bug-a-phobes.  This program we use both traditional and organic products.  Our focus with this program is to keep all signs of pests away from the property.  We still use organic products when they make sense.

Organic-Natural program:  This program is for the people that are most sensitive to pesticides around their home.  Becuase organic products break down and lose effectiveness faster, you must be somewhat tolerant to pests.  This program works great, especially for spider control.

The most abundant pests in the Chico area are Spiders, ants, silverfish, earwigs, and cockroaches.  Chico also has a large rodent population, (mice and Rats), because this area was formally orchards.

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Do you bloat after eating?

If it feels like you swallowed a basketball after you eat, you may be wondering what causes your bloating after meals?

One reason that you may bloat after eating is that you may not be digesting the food you eat. When you are not completely digesting your food, bacteria and yeast in the intestines ferment the undigested food and produce gas that bloats your belly. What many people don’t realize is that stomach acid is essential to starting the process of digesting our food. As we age, we tend to make less and less stomach acid, and our digestion suffers. Medications such as Antacids, H2 Blockers, and Proton Pump Inhibitors, which are designed to reduce stomach acid, have the side effect of producing bloating for many people.

To learn more about the causes of bloating after eating click here.

Hemsteds Moving and Storage, Redding and Chico.

Moving and Storage in Redding and Chico

We take the hassle and stress of moving completely away from your already hectic life. Give us a call. Why us? Because we offer affordable, dependable, and honest moving services and our team of professional movers will take care of you from start to finish.

Moving can be one of the most stressful times of your life. Have a house full of stuff and overwhelmed about where to put it all? Let our company help. At Hemsted’s Moving and Storage, Redding CA we not only specialize in moving your belongings, we also specialize in relieving the stress that moving brings.

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Miller Glass - Window Repair

Miller Glass in Chico, Paradise, Oroville and Orland works with numerous suppliers such as Marvin, Windsor, All-Weather, and Hope’s Steel Windows to give our customers many choices when historically re-creating your home or commercial building.

Over time its been very common for owners to replace old wood windows with aluminum frames, and then perhaps eventually swapping for vinyl dual-pane windows and now have the desire to return to the classic look that only specialty windows can offer.

Whether you’re designing it yourself or you’ve hired the assistance of a professional architect, allow us to help educate you through the many options and advancements that have made the new generation of wood windows virtually maintenance free.

Window Screens Replace or repair the screens on your house to allow you to let the cool air in and keep the bugs out. Sun Screens, Pet Screens and Insect Screens are just three types of screens we can expertly replace or repair.

Energy and Sound If you’re looking to replace old single-pane steel or aluminum windows in your loft or industrial application, there are new dual pane products that will mirror your style while still giving you the latest advances in sound reduction and energy saving.

Projects Large & Small Have a bigger project in mind? Miller Glass has the ability to handle any size construction project. We deliver, install, and repair any commercial glazing application throughout a project’s entire schedule. We have the solutions to meet your glazing needs, windows or doors, interior and exterior. See what 40 years of business experience can bring to your commercial project.

Need replacement of your windshield or glass, Residential or Commercial? Click Here.

“Lost” Work of a Master Craftsman Re-discovered

A recently re-discovered early 20th century ceramic piece by renowned American artist and potter, Adelaide Alsop Robineau, is generating excitement among museums and private collectors alike.

owl-urn-md.jpg“Covered Jar with Owl Design”  has recently been authenticated as an original, but heretofore unknown,  uncataloged piece by famous ceramist Adelaide Alsop Robineau.

This very rare piece, which has been in the private collection of a family in Shasta County for decades, has been independently appraised and scholarly authenticated as the work of Robineau.

Some history on this vase was put together from extensive research by the present owner. It appears to have been started in 1911 in St. Louis and then glazed and finished at a later date in Syracuse, N.Y.

Adelaide Robineau was famous for her innovative use of unique glazes. When Covered Jar with Owl Design is viewed in full light, subtle silver and gold flaking emerges to the eye.

This rare find is currently being offered for sale to private collectors. More about “Covered Vase with Owl Design” can be found at this website:

About Chico

Located in the heart of the north State, Chico’s proud culture, location and csu_chico1.jpgeconomy have made it home to one of Northern California’s most unique cities. Though a self-determining small-town feel remains, Chico has become the premier location for business, culture and recreation in the north state. In addition, Chico is home to one of California’s most distinguished state universities – commonly known as Chico State.

Resting 90 miles north of Sacramento, Chico is home to over 80,000 residents. To the west and south of the city you’ll find mainly fields, plains and agricultural crops, and to the north and east, the foothills of the Sierra Nevada.

bidwell-mansion-chico.jpgChico locals have taken pride in their surrounding wilderness, preserving a large portion of it for Bidwell Park. As the Park winds like a miniature Grand Canyon into the foothills, it becomes one of the largest city parks in the country. Though surrounding areas are spectacular, Chico inner city boasts a diverse population of trees; thus, earning its nickname, The City of Trees.

Known to be a college town, Chico’s rich culture has become a hotspot for many events: live performances frequent both indoor and outdoor stages; in the summer, Thursday night market transforms downtown into a carnival like atmosphere; the Chico Outlaws, a minor-league baseball team, entertains many of the hot summer nights; and46591056onemile.jpg the nightlife keeps the streets alive well into the morning.

With a strong sense of community and culture, Chico’s businesses – from restaurants to bicycle cabs – have come to support and thrive on the active people that are proud to call Chico their home.